LaNisha's Lustrous Jewels - Shipping Policy

We take pride in shipping your jewelry quickly and in quality packaging.  Orders will be fulfilled within 1-2 days, unless it is a weekend and/or holiday, or pre-order items. Pre-order items typically take 3 - 4 business days to ship. 

Tracking notifications are sent via email regarding order fulfillment. Shipping prices are based on the package's weights; prices range between $3.50 and $8.50, unless a discount code is applied. However, please note that beginning October 3, 2021 and ending on December 26, 2021, the USPS has imposed a rate increase of $0.30 for First Class Packages and up to $0.75 on Priority Mail. These rate increases will be in effect for our store as well.

Please also be aware that we are not responsible for items lost or delayed as a result of USPS errors.  Please file any claims with them. Lastly, due to COVID-19, there may be delays in the arrival of your items that are beyond our control. Thank you, in advance, for your patience.